4. FAQ

My game is crashing!

Very often people download the newest voice patch and forget to update their graphics patch. When you leave the graphics patch outdated, the game will crash when the script tries to output a file that doesn't exist. E.g.: the game tries to show you an image that doesn't exist in your CG folder.

My game is updated but some voices are not playing/some graphics are not showing!

When this happens, the very first thing you need to do is to clean your CompiledUpdateScripts folder. Make sure your game is updated and the folder is empty, then run the game again. It should hang for a few seconds before playing the intro. Always make sure to do these steps after updating your patch!

Are there a voices only patches (without the PS3 graphics)?

Yes, there are but they can be unofficial (Onikakushi), severely outdated (Watanagashi) and no longer supported (all chapters) so don't open any issues about voices only patches. Please understand that many features such as improved translation and PS3 exclusive lines are not available in these patches. The definitive version of the game is the voices and graphics patch. You can find the voice only patches on this page.