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The links below will take you to the section 2a. Installer. This is currently the best method to install the patch in any operating system.
However, if you prefer to install the patch manually, go to section 2b. Manual Installation instead.

Careful about old save files!

Save files from older versions of the patch or the vanilla game are not expected to work properly with our patch. They might look fine sometimes, but you will hit a roadblock eventually. We recommend to start fresh from the beggining or use the "Chapter Select" function to start at the current chapter you were playing before. You can also hold ctrl to skip the game in high speed mode.

Main story arcs

Chapter Voice and graphics patch? Voices only patch? Unofficial forks
Ch.1 - Onikakushi Yes Yes Voices only patch
Ch.2 - Watanagashi Yes Yes
Ch.3 - Tatarigoroshi Yes Yes
Ch.4 - Himatsubushi Yes Yes
Ch.5 - Meakashi Yes Yes
Ch. 6 - Tsumihoroboshi Yes Yes

Console Arcs (extra chapters)

The console arcs requires Ch.4 Himatsubushi to be played

Installing it over your Himatsubushi installation will overwrite the game with the console arcs. We recommend to make a copy of the folder and install the console arcs there. It is not required to install the Himatsubushi patch before installing the Console Arcs.

Chapter Voice and graphics patch? Voices only patch?
Someutsushi Yes No
Kageboushi Yes No
Tsukiotoshi Yes No
Yoigoshi Yes No