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Installing the patch

News: Windows-only installer end-of-life announcement

As of May 2019, we dropped support for the old Windows-only installer. The new installer has much better compatibility, works on Windows, Linux and Mac, and has an entirely new UI.

The installer combines all the patches available to create the best experience possible. It will automatically download and install the following content:

  • Full voiceover
  • PS3 backgrounds and CGs in Full HD
  • PS3 sprites with lipsync in 1440p
  • Updated MangaGamer sprites in 1440p
  • Upgraded user interface
  • Opening videos
  • (NEW!) Revert to old Higurashi soundtrack and sound effects

Multiplatform installer (Windows, Mac and Linux)


This installer is currently in active development. You might find bugs, and things might not always work - We would be grateful if you report bugs on Github or our Discord server.

How to use the multiplatform installer

Click on any of the blocks for the operating system of your choice to see the instructions:

  1. Download the Windows Installer
  2. Extract the zip file to your normal Downloads folder (assuming your Downloads folder is on the same drive as your game). If you need to extract to a different location:
    • Make sure the folder is on the same drive (eg C: drive) as the game
    • Make sure the folder doesn't require any special permissions
  3. Run the file called install.bat
  1. Download the Mac Installer
  2. Double-click on the zip to extract it (your browser may automatically do this after downloading)


    The zip contains two hidden files that are required by the installer. If you try to move the install file out of the folder, it won't be able to find them. If you really want to move the install file out of the folder, press โ‡งโŒ˜. (Shift-Command-Period) to temporarily enable showing of hidden files and copy the .7za and .aria2c files to the same folder.

  3. Right click on the file called install and choose Open

  4. If prompted with a security prompt, choose Open
Linux Users: GNOME Desktop and Ubuntu causes Game Crash - Workaround

GNOME Desktop (the default on Ubuntu) will cause Higurashi Ep.4 and upwards to crash the entire desktop. This happens even on the base game (without any mods applied). A workaround for this is to install XFCE desktop. You can follow this guide to install XFCE desktop (it can be installed alongside GNOME). Please make sure you can launch the base game before applying any mods (for ease of installation, please don't make any saves on the base game).

  1. Install the following using your distribution's package manager:
    • Python (2 or 3)
    • Python Tkinter
      • Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install python-tk
      • Arch Linux: sudo pacman -S tk
      • Fedora: sudo dnf install python2-tkinter or
        sudo dnf install python3-tkinter
      • If your distribution is not listed, you may need to lookup how to install tkinter on your particular distribution
  2. Download and extract the Linux Installer
  3. Run the shell script called install
(Power Users Only) Install from Source
  1. Install these dependencies:

    • Python (2 or 3)
    • Python Tkinter
    • 7-zip
    • Aria2
    • git
  2. Clone our git repository: git clone

  3. Run python or the equivalent command on your system

Installer FAQ and Troubleshooting

Can't launch installer - I get a http.client.UnknownProtocol: HTTP/2.0 error when using a VPN or proxy

Please try running the installer without going through a VPN or proxy. Some company/school networks may also cause the same error, as they act as a proxy.

Specifically, UltraSurf is known to cause this problem.