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Sometimes you just want the voices and enjoy the beautiful original art, I get it. Yeah, that's no joke, I really like the original art.

There's no problem at all, starting from Watanagashi we started making voices only patches for all releases, so you can enjoy the vanilla game with voices if you really want.

Beware that some bugs and features might be missing in these patches, and we offer absolutely no support for it. You're on your own!


Did you know you can install the voices only patch with little to no effort using our custom-created installer? Yep, you read it right. Click here and check it out!


Chapter Patch Voices HD Ryukishi Sprites (optional)
Ch.1 - Onikakushi Download (unofficial) Download Download
Ch.2 - Watanagashi Download Download Download
Ch.3 - Tatarigoroshi Download Download Download
Ch.4 - Himatsubushi Download Download Download
Ch.5 - Meakashi Download Download Download
Ch.6 - Tsumihoroboshi Download Download Download
Ch.7 - Minagoroshi Download Download Download


Ch.2 Watanagashi voice patch is inside /dev/Update (voice only)

Installing the patch

  1. Find and open your game folder (open your Steam library, choose the game from the list, right click on it and click on Properties. Switch to the LOCAL FILES tab and click on Browse local files...)
  2. After downloading all the files needed for your version of the game, navigate to \HigurashiEp0X_Data\StreamingAssets (where X is the chapter number)
  3. Open the * file, go inside the voice folder and extract everything inside the SE folder in StreamingAssets. Merge and/or overwrite the files if asked.
    • If for some reason your * has a SE folder instead of a voice folder, just drop it inside StreamingAssets and merge/overwrite all files if asked.
  4. Extract the patch Update and/or SE folders inside StreamingAssets (where X is the chapter number). Merge and/or overwrite the files if asked.
  5. If you downloaded the HD Ryukishi Sprites patch, open the * file, navigate inside the folders and drop the CG folder inside StreamingAssets.