Reporting Issues

Issues happen more often than you think, and you should not feel ashamed or discouraged from reporting them. May it be a bug or just having trouble setting up the patch, we will always do our best to help you.

When reporting an issue, there is a few things we find really helpful:

  • Always report issues in their respective repositories

    • Really, stop reporting issues here! The "guide" repository should only have issues about the guide itself!
    • Umineko Question Arcs issues should go on Umineko Question Arcs issues, Higurashi Meakashi issues should go on Higurashi Meakashi issues and the list goes on. Make sure you're reporting it in the right place.
  • Provide helpful information

    • When you have an issue or find something, the more you add to the issue, the faster we can fix it. Installation issues? See if there is a log in the game folder and attach it. Post screenshots, post computer specs, post your operation system, post reproduction steps, anything will do. Remember that your issue might happen to someone else, think about those who found your issue by googling it.
  • Don't push the buttons you don't need

    • Milestone, assignees, projects. Most likely you won't need them, so let them quiet. You should only use the label one.
  • Be helpful

    • We will most likely ask a bunch of questions. Be patient and be around to answer them.
    • Sometimes we might ask you to test a few things. Try to be helpful as well.
    • Close your issue if you don't need a fix anymore, sometimes we don't know if it worked or not.