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3b. Windows Installer

Installer (Windows only)

The installer will automatically download and install the following content:

  • Full voiceover
  • PS3 backgrounds in Full HD
  • PS3 sprites and CGs (events) in Full HD
  • Updated system menus and tips

Make sure to have at least 15gb of temporary space available, the full installed patch(game included) should be around 10gb. Note that the same installer is used for both the Higurashi and Umineko games (despite the name).

How to install the patch using the Installer

  • Download the latest installer from the Installer Releases page. Launch the program.
  • You will be given the choice of Higurashi or Umineko - select the Umineko dropdown
  • Click either the Question 1080p Beta or Answer arcs by clicking on the correct icon. Don't click the non-beta version for the question arcs - it is outdated.
  • If the installer says "Path is valid" in green text, it has detected your game automatically. If not, you must select it manually:
    • Set the installation directory to your Steam game directory (also works for MangaGamer's DRM free release). If you are unsure where the Steam game is located, open Steam and find it in your Steam library, right-click on it and choose Properties. In the new window that just opened, click on the LOCAL FILES tab and then on the Browse local files... button. Copy the address bar in Windows Explorer and paste it in the installer's Windows Explorer window.
  • If the directory is correct, the software will validate the path and let you proceed with the installation.
  • Press 'Install/Update', then 'Confirm' which will start the installation
  • A progress bar and text will show the status of the installation - bear with it, it may take a long time. When downloading the larger files (graphics and voice files) you can close the program and start it again later, and it should keep your progress (for the Umineko games only, not Higurashi). Preferably, don't close the program while downloading the smaller files.
  • When the install is finished, the temporary install files will be displayed. You can either back them up, or delete them. Check the game works correctly before deleting the install files - Most problems are during installation, it's much faster to reinstall if you have the install files on hand.

Currently only the full installation method is available. We will include new options (voices only, custom installation) as they are developed.

PSA: as reported, some antivirus softwares might warn you about the installer. This is a false positive, and it happens because the installer runs a batch file. The installer code can be freely accessed in our Resource repository and is clean of viruses.