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2. Mod Options

This page describes each mod option, so you can decide which mod to install.

What is ADV Mode?

Some install options below refer to ADV mode. The normal mode for the Umineko games is 'NVL' (Novel mode), where the text occupies the entire screen. 'ADV' mode (Adventure Mode) is where the text only occupies the bottom of the screen.

NVL/Normal Mode ADV Mode
PS3 sprites Pachinko sprites Ryukishi sprites

News: Windows-only installer end-of-life announcement

As of May 2019, we dropped support for the old Windows-only installer. The new installer has much better compatibility, works on Windows, Linux and Mac, and has an entirely new UI.

Mod Options for Question Arcs Ch. 1~4

There are two main install options for the question arcs - the full patch, and the voice only patch. We highly recommend using the installers, as installing manually is very error-prone.

Question Arcs - Full patch (~5GB Download, ~20GB free space required)

  • Has ADV mode which can be toggled on or off at any time.
  • Playing with Japanese Text is supported
  • Adds PS3 voices, sprites, CGs (event images), backgrounds, to the base game. DOES NOT add shader effects or lipsync.
  • Install Methods: Cross Platform Installer || Install Manually
  • Optional packs if you want Pachinko or Ryukishi sprites - See below.

Question Arcs - Voice only (~1.9GB Download, ~5GB free space required)

Mod Options for Answer Arcs Ch. 5~8

There are two main install options for the question arcs - the full patch, and the voice only patch. There is also an addon to the full patch, which adds ADV mode.

Answer Arcs - Full Patch (~8GB Download, ~30GB free space required)

  • Playing with Japanese Text is supported
  • No ADV mode built in, unlike the Question Arcs! You must install "ADV Mode" for ADV mode.
  • Adds PS3 voices, sprites, CGs (event images), backgrounds, to the base game. DOES NOT add shader effects or lipsync.
  • Install Methods: Cross Platform Installer || Install Manually
  • Optional packs if you want Pachinko or Ryukishi sprites - See below.

Answer Arcs - ADV Mode (~8GB DL, ~30GB free space - Same as Full Patch)

  • This is an add on to the full patch which adds ADV mode (but in the installer, you just select "ADV Mode")
  • No option to toggle ADV mode, unlike the Question Arcs! If you want NOVEL mode, you must install the "Full Patch" option.
  • Playing with Japanese Text is NOT supported
  • Install Methods: Cross Platform Installer || Install Manually
  • Optional packs if you want Pachinko or Ryukishi sprites - See below.

Answer Arcs - Voice only (~1.5GB Download, ~5GB free space required)

Pachinko or Old Ryukishi Sprites

We have recently added options in the installer and manual download packs for the Pachinko and Ryukishi sprites. Note that you can only have ONE pack installed at a time - you CANNOT toggle PS3/Pachinko/Ryukishi while the game is running. Installing these packs will do the following:

  • Overwrite most* of the PS3 sprites, causing Pachinko/Ryukishi sprites to be shown
  • PS3 CGs and special effects will still be shown unchanged
  • The PS3 backgrounds will also remain the same

* The Pachinko sprites are missing a few characters who don't appear very often. The missing characters are substituted with PS3 sprites.

You must still install the base "PS3" graphics pack for each game, even if you only want Pachinko or Ryukishi sprites - these sprite packs do not replace the main graphics pack.


Add Upscaled Ryukishi Sprites Option - 09/07/2019

Added Upscaled Ryukishi sprites option. See "mod options" section of wiki for more details.

Add Upscaled Pachinko Sprites Option - 22/06/2019

An option to replace the PS3 sprites with upscaled versions of the Pachinko sprites (Mangagamer, non-ryukishi sprites) has been added.

There may still be some times in the game where the PS3 sprites will appear (CGs will use PS3 sprites, and so will zoomed in sprites for the Answer arcs). There are also some Pachinko characters which don't have sprites at all - they will show up with the PS3 sprites. The character portraits for the Answer Arcs will show as PS3 sprites, too.

Question Arcs Missing Voices Bug Fix - 15/06/2019

Quite a fair way into the game on the Question Arcs, voices would fail to play back (for certain characters).

This was due to a very big arc4.nsa which had all the voice files in it. The voice file was too large for the game to handle, so everything past a certain point wouldn't play.

In the new version of the patch, the voice file is split into two smaller files (arc4.nsa and arc5.nsa) so the game can handle it.

This problem affected all installs from 19/05/2019 to 15/06/2019, so there would have been a roughly 1-month span where your install would have had broken voices. If you installed during this time, it would be best to either manually apply the voice file pack, or re-install the game using the installer.

Mangagamer (Non-Steam) Voice File Bug Fix - 26/05/2019

The layout of the the arc[X].nsa files is different between the Mangagamer and Steam versions. The recent voice file optimization did not take that into account, and thus broke voice playback for users who have the Mangagamer (non-steam) release of Umineko.

This has been fixed on the latest installer. If you have this problem and don't want to re-install, just rename the arc4.nsa file to arc1.nsa, so the game can find it.

Voice File Optimization - 19/05/2019

The voice files are now stored as a single file (arc4.nsa). This will speed up installation time (especially on a HDD), and also reduce the number of voice files on disk from about 45,000 to just one file.

We don't expect any issues, but if you find any problems with voice playback, please let us know.

WARNING: 02/05/2019

We have had a couple reports of performance problems for Chapters 5-8, even on high end PCs. On very low end PCs (like atom CPU laptops with integrated graphics), this is expected, but not on high end PCs.

Firstly, please launch the game unmodded to check the game works correctly without mods. Please do not make any saves though, as saves from the unmodded game are not compatible.

Please make sure to close all CPU intensive programs in the background (even your web browser!). This is because the game uses the CPU for graphics rendering, and is single threaded, so even if you have a multicore processor it can only ever use one core.

It's also possible for a poor performing hard disk to cause performance problems, as images are loaded by the engine each time they are displayed (as far as we know).

If you still have problems, please post your CPU and GPU specs and a description of how the lag appears on our Discord for us to analyse.

If you figure out what's causing the problem, please let us know as we really want to sort this issue out.

High Resolution Monitors

High resolution screens (greater than 1080p) can also cause problems (mainly on integrated graphics). Forcing your desktop screen resolution lower may help. You can test if this is a problem by playing in windowed mode with a small window - performance will usually improve.

23/02/2019: On the 05/02/2019 a change was made to the manual mac install instructions which would prevent you from starting the game. It has now been reverted (sorry abou that).

28-01-2019: Cross Platform Installer is now suggested in install instructions. Wiki has been refactored.

28-01-2019: Add ADV mode to Full Patch of Question Arcs

17-11-18: Add beta version of Question Arcs in 1080p resolution (previously resolution was 960p, resulting in some blurriness). You can install it via the installer or manually. Add ability to toggle language with 'Tab' button.

2-10-18: Add Japanese Language mode (thanks Naoki!). Note: currently doesn't work for "Voice Only" or answer arcs "ADV mode", due to those versions using a different script.

15-07-18: Some small changes to both arcs (to update you need both the latest script file and the latest update zip) - For Question arcs only, add the option to view the original game's videos since some consider the PS3 openings too spoilery. (Question arcs issue #101) - Use English title logo for Question arcs (Question arcs issue #100) - Fix transparency of images for one scene for Answer arcs (use alphablend mode images)

06-06-18: For Chiru Arcs only, minor update to script and assets (see issue #47)

05-05-18: For Question Arcs only, fix some missing voice delays.

01-05-18: Update all .exes to give a reminder if you forget to rename the 0.utf to 0.u instead of the generic/incorrect error message. Backup of the old .exes can be found here.

13-04-18: Add missing Maria/Rosa Alternate Sprites to the merged update pack (pack v4 cumulative) for Question Arcs only.

02-04-18: Question arc script was updated to fix voice/unvoiced delay bugs.

17-02-18: Did Steam update your game, breaking your patch? Follow the Question Arc Instructions or the Answer Arc Instructions.