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3c. Manual Voices-only

This page is for manual install only. To install automatically, please go back to the introduction page, and follow the instructions

So, you like the Ryukishi art. I get it, I also like it a lot. In that case, we got you covered.

Beware that some bugs and features might be missing in the voice-only patch, as compared to the 'full patch'.

Manually installing the game is not recommended unless you have problems with the automatic installer.

MAC USERS ONLY - Various Gotchas

  • When overwriting one folder with another on Mac, it by default entirely replaces the folder rather than merging. To fix this see the instructions for "Merge two folders with the same name" here:
  • MacOSX has some security features which can prevent the game running correctly. Please follow the install instructions closesly so this doesn't happen.
Chapter Script (0.utf)
(Right-Click Save As…)
Voices Executable Update
Question Arcs Ch.1~4 Download 0.u Download Windows
Answer Arcs Ch.5~8 Download 0.u Download Windows
Update 1

Installing the patch

  1. Find and open your game folder (open your Steam library, choose the game from the list, right click on it and click on Properties. Switch to the LOCAL FILES tab and click on Browse local files...)
  2. Rename the file 0.utf to 0_old.utf (Backup the original script)
  3. Download the 0.u, and place it inside the game folder. MacOSX Only: you might need to rename the 0.u file to 0.utf
  4. Download and extract the Umineko Voices archive.
  5. When you extracted the voice archive, it should have generated an arc4.nsa and arc5.nsa file. If you have the MangaGamer release, you MUST rename this file to arc1.nsa and arc2.nsa so the game will detect it (otherwise you will get no voices). Steam users can skip this step (they should already have an arc1.nsa, arc2.nsa, and arc3.nsa in their game folder).
  6. This step differs depending on your operating system

    • Windows, Linux: Download the Windows/Linux executable, and overwrite the existing executable in the game folder
    • MacOSX: Download the zip file, but extract it to a known good location like desktop/downloads/documents, OUTSIDE the game directory. This will give you a .app file. Only then, copy the .app file into the game directory. This is to avoid a MacOSX security feature which prevents the game from running correctly (will give you a 'script not found').
  7. Answer Arcs only: Extract the file the game folder. Overwrite if asked.