About Us

Everything done by 07th-Expansion fans, for fans.

Sometime in 2015, a small group of fans started modding Higurashi no Naku Koro ni console assets in the PC release. Not long after that, 07th-Mod was formed.
Since then, the group has become larger than ever, with people all around the world contributing to make 07th-Expansion games even better.

Our goal is to combine the best parts of Higurashi and Umineko on PC and consoles, creating the definitive experience for new players and veterans. New fixes, translations, graphics and features are added everyday, all fueled by our passionate developers and the community around it.

Note: 07th-Mod is a completely non-profit group. We have no affiliation with 07th-Expansion or any of the companies who created the PC and console ports.
All donations received directly support our server expenses, and nothing else. All work done by our members is entirely free and open-source.


Donations help us keep our servers running. You can read more about donations here.

Patch features

This is just a small list of the features you are going to find in our patches.
Note that Higurashi and Umineko might have different features because of their engines.


Sprites, backgrounds, events, videos. We will port everything.
For Higurashi and Umineko


Every game has full voice acting!
For Higurashi and Umineko


Just like the anime, the character mouth will move when they talk.
For Higurashi only

NVL and ADV modes

Classic textbox? Text at the bottom? Don't worry, you can change them anytime.
For Higurashi and Umineko

All-in-one story

PC and console-exclusive stories come together, with the best from both worlds.
For Higurashi only

Optional censorship

Uncensored PC or censored console, fully customizable in different levels.
For Higurashi only

Convinced? Click here to install our patches.

Our wiki will guide you through installing the patch on Windows, Mac or Linux. Your choice!

Also built for developers

Our patches are 100% open-source and developer-friendly, check out our Github repositories below!