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The buttons below will take you to the section 2a. Installer. This is currently the best method to install the patch in any operating system.

However, if you prefer to install the patch manually, go to section 2b. Manual Installation instead.

This patch modifies the newest release of Higurashi by MangaGamer, attempting to replicate the Nintendo Switch version of the game. It is compatible with both the Steam and any DRM-free versions (including GOG) of the game.

This patch is not compatible with the old/original Japanese release of the game.

Patch features

Screenshots (from Onikakushi Mod v7.0.0)

Left: ConsoleRight: Vanilla

Feature List

The following features are available for most chapters:

  • Full voiceover
  • Lipsync support (when using PS3 sprites)
  • Sprites and backgrounds in 16:9, 1080p and 1440p combined assets
    • Sprite Options: PS3, MangaGamer, or Original Japanese
    • Graphics Options: PS3 or Original Japanese
  • Exclusive console content (such as bad endings)
  • Upgraded user interface
  • ADV (textbox at bottom) and NVL (text covering the whole screen) support
  • Opening videos from the console release
  • Option to bring the BGM/SE closer to the Pre-April Update/Original JP Release.
  • Various Third-Party Language Patches (see below for chapter support)

Install the patch

Third-Party Language Support

These features can be installed as an installer option (or manually), but please note 07th-mod does not directly provide support for them. Support locations and more information are below - click to expand each feature:

French Language Patch

An addon which provides full conversion of the game to French. More details in French here.

Please note:

Italian Language Patch

An addon which provides a conversion of Ch.1 (so far) to Italian. More details in Italian here.

Please note:

Simplified Chinese Language Patch (简体中文汉化补丁)

An addon which provides a conversion of Ch.1 and Ch.6 (so far) to Simplified Chinese. More details in Simplified Chinese here.

Please note:

非官方简体中文汉化补丁, 目前仅提供第一章与第六章的版本. 更多信息请点这里.


Console Arcs (extra chapters)

The Console Arcs requires Ch.4 Himatsubushi to be played

Installing it over your Himatsubushi installation will overwrite the game with the console arcs. We recommend to make a copy of the folder and install the console arcs there. It is not required to install the Himatsubushi patch before installing the Console Arcs.

The Console Arcs are a set of exclusive chapters released for the console version of the game. These chapters were not written by Ryukishi, the game creator, but offer a new perspective into the events of the series and some stories that are completely unrelated to the main plot. There is no official release of the Console Arcs for PC, our mod is the only way to get it.

The Console Arcs patch is fully ported and translated by the 07th-Mod staff themselves. This content is unavailable on the PC version of Higurashi Hou (released fully in japanese and currently ongoing by MangaGamer in the west).

Here's a walkthrough for anyone who wants to know which choices in Yoigoshi lead to which endings. And here's a walkthrough for Miotsukushi Omote.

Higurashi Arcs Flowchart

Full Patch vs Voices-Only Patch

Normally, you always want to install the "Full Patch". But there are actually two patch variants for the main story arcs:

  • The "Full Patch", with all the features described above
  • The "Voices-Only" patch, which is deprecated
    • The Voices-Only patch is part of the initial development of the Full Patch. After the Full Patch is fully released, there isn't any reason to use the Voices-Only patch.

Next Steps

Continue to the Installer Page to download and run the mod installer.