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This patch modifies the newest release of Higurashi by MangaGamer, attempting to replicate the Nintendo Switch version of the game. It is compatible with both the Steam and DRM-free versions of the game. It is not compatible with the old/original Japanese release of the game.


The links below will take you to the section 2a. Installer. This is currently the best method to install the patch in any operating system.

However, if you prefer to install the patch manually, go to section 2b. Manual Installation instead.

Careful about old save files!

Save files from older versions of the patch or the vanilla game are not expected to work properly with our patch. They might look fine sometimes, but you will hit a roadblock eventually. We recommend to start fresh from the beggining or use the "Chapter Select" function to start at the current chapter you were playing before. You can also hold ctrl to skip the game in high speed mode.

Linux Users: GNOME/MATE Desktop (Ubuntu, Fedora...) causes Game Crash - Workaround

Warning: GNOME/MATE Desktop (the default on Ubuntu and Fedora Linux) will cause Higurashi Ep.4 and upwards to crash the entire desktop when you start the game. This happens even on the base game (without any mods applied).

A workaround for this is to install XFCE desktop (please look up instructions for your specific operating system).

Please make sure you can launch the base game before applying any mods (please don't make any saves on the base game as they are not compatible with the mod).

Main story arcs

There are two patch variants for the main story arcs:

  • The "Full Patch": Click here to install and learn about the Full Patch
  • The "Voice Only" patch, which we do not offer support for
    • When a new chapter comes out, we will do a quick Voice Only patch for people to test and debug, followed by the full graphics patch later. During this time period, we will offer support for the "beta-testing" Voice Only patch.
    • If you really wish to install the Voice Only patch, Click here

Patch Availability

Chapter Full Patch Available Voices Only Available
Ch.1 - Onikakushi
Ch.2 - Watanagashi
Ch.3 - Tatarigoroshi
Ch.4 - Himatsubushi
Ch.5 - Meakashi
Ch. 6 - Tsumihoroboshi
Ch. 7 - Minagoroshi

Community Forks: Cnnctr's Ch.1 Voice Only Fork

Console Arcs (extra chapters)

The console arcs requires Ch.4 Himatsubushi to be played

Installing it over your Himatsubushi installation will overwrite the game with the console arcs. We recommend to make a copy of the folder and install the console arcs there. It is not required to install the Himatsubushi patch before installing the Console Arcs.

Supported chapters:

  • Someutsushi
  • Kageboushi
  • Tsukiotoshi
  • Taraimawashi
  • Tokihogushi
  • Yoigoshi
  • Miotsukushi Omote

The console arcs should be played at the points of the story and in the order indicated by the below flowchart. Higurashi Arcs Flowchart

Here's a walkthrough for anyone who wants to know which choices in Yoigoshi lead to which endings.

And here's a walkthrough for Miotsukushi Omote.

Click here to install the patch