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Voice Only Patch (Unsupported)

The full patch (aka "Voices and Graphics patch") now supports an almost vanilla experience with voices. Check it out at Automatic Install


This page is for manual install only. We highly recommend using the automated installer as installing manually can be error prone. Please see the Cross Platform Installer, and follow the instructions

Be careful with old save files!

Save files from older versions of the patch or the vanilla game are not expected to work properly with our patch. They might look fine sometimes, but you will hit a roadblock eventually. We recommend to start fresh from the beginning or use the "Chapter Select" function to start at the current chapter you were playing before. You can also hold ctrl to skip the game in high speed mode.

Note: The full patch lets you switch between the Ryukishi (Original), MangaGamer, or PS3 sprites. If you want Ryukishi (Original) or MangaGamer sprites with the new backgrounds, most likely you want the full patch (Automatic Install / Manual Install). After installing the full patch (NOT the "voice only" patch on this page), press the P key while not in a menu to toggle between art styles.

We currently do not support toggling background style with the full patch, so if you must have the Ryukishi (Original) style backgrounds, you must use this voice-only patch.

The voice-only patch makes the bare minimum changes to add voices to the vanilla game.

We do not offer end-user support for the voice-only patch.

If you encounter bugs or missing features, we probably won't help you with it.

The exception to this rule is when we are releasing a new episode. Usually we do a quick voice-only patch just after the game comes out. Later we release the full graphics patch. During this time, when the voice only patch is available, we will offer support for it.

Installing the patch automatically

We highly recommend using the installer:

The installer's "voice only" patch was updated on 12-04-2020. If the installer's voice-only doesn't work, please let us know.

Installing the patch manually

  1. Download all the archives for the game you are patching (See the below "Downloads" table). For 'Patch', do not download the 'Source Code' file.
  2. Open your game folder
    1. Open your Steam library, choose the game from the list, right click on it and click on Properties. Switch to the LOCAL FILES tab and click on Browse local files...
  3. Repeat the following for each archive
    1. Each archive should contain a single HigurashiEp0X_Data folder. Overwrite the game's HigurashiEp0X_Data with the one in the archive. Merge and/or overwrite the files if asked.

Archives were updated 12-04-2020. If the instructions don't seem to match the archives contents, please let us know.


Chapter Patch Voices HD Ryukishi Sprites*
Ch.1 - Onikakushi Download Download Download
Ch.2 - Watanagashi Download Download Download
Ch.3 - Tatarigoroshi Download Download Download
Ch.4 - Himatsubushi Download Download Download
Ch.5 - Meakashi Download Download Download
Ch.6 - Tsumihoroboshi Download Download Download
Ch.7 - Minagoroshi Download Download Download
Ch.8 - Matsuribayashi Download Download Download

*Replaces the original (640x480) sprites with upscaled HD versions (1280x960)

Why do you offer no support for the voice only patch?

Our long term plans are to have a "voice-only" mode in the full patch, which would make the standalone voice-only patches redundant.