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This page describes the installData.json file used in the installer.

identifiers field

The identifiers field is used to make sure the user has selected the right game/right folder before starting the install.

  • For Windows and Linux, it tells the installer what files identify the game
    • For example HigurashiEp09.x86_64 or HigurashiEp09.exe identify Higurashi Rei (which is Episode 9)
  • For MacOS, it tells the installer what CFBundleExecutable value to look for inside a given .app bundle
    • NOTE for legacy reasons, _Data is appended to the name, so HigurashiEp01 becomes HigurashiEp01_Data, and Higurashi When They Cry Rei becomes Higurashi When They Cry Rei_Data
    • For Chapters 1-8, CFBundleExecutable was set to HigurashiEp0X where X was the chapter number
    • For Higurashi Rei, CFBundleExecutable was set to Higurashi When They Cry Rei

MacOS identifier / Info.plist notes

You can rename an .app to anything you want, and since the .app file is generally considered user facing (e.g. in Windows, you would consider the application install in program files to be not user-facing, but the shortcut to it in the start menu / desktop to be user-facing), we should not make assumptions relating its name to anything specific. Steam installs applications in a windows style (where it hides the real application in steamapps and makes "shortcut" applications for you to stick on the desktop or whatever), but GOG does it the proper macOS way and stuffs everything in the app bundle for you to do whatever you want with. Therefore, we must decide what game an .app is by something inside of the app bundle.

The Info.plist's CFBundleExecutable was chosen to be the identifier, which is the name of the executable file (in Contents/MacOS) that is to be executed to launch the app. This is nice because there's exactly one per application, which gives a nice one-to-one mapping of .app file → name. Since we're doing a fairly fuzzy search anyways, you could also list the contents of Contents/MacOS, which would give you the real executable plus some random other garbage folders that unity uses, but since we have the Info.plist there with the exact specification of which thing is the actual name, why not use it?

Why is _Data appended

Since we use a list of identifiers in the json now, maybe we should remove the + "_Data" that gets appended to CFBundleExecutables, previously there in an attempt to fully unify all names (and add the appropriate executable names to the identifier lists).