Here is the list of the main features in out patches. Each feature should later have it's own page with documentation how the feature was implemented and how to replicate it for future chapters along with all the resources necessary to do so.

Feature Credits
Voices from PS2 and PS3 versions @enumag (voice insertion script), @ItaloKnox (main work)
Backgrounds, sprites and CGs from PS3 @Grelo, @IriPM
Weather sprites @Grelo, @IriPM
Updated MG sprites @jwgrlrrajn
ADV-mode @enumag (automatic script), @Grelo (text background image)
DLL updates @P-Chang (original contributor), @DoctorDiablo (current maintainer), @enumag (update script)
LipSync @P-Chang (original contributor), @DoctorDiablo (current maintainer), @enumag (update script)
PS3 Poems @DoctorDiablo, @ItaloKnox
Moving backgrounds @P-Chang
New UI @Inochi-PM, @Nozoki17
New scenes and translations improvements @Norgus, @DoctorDiablo, @ItaloKnox
Patch installers @ItaloKnox