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This section covers a few specific shortcuts we added to the game. These are only available in the full patch.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • M = Increase Voice Volume
  • N = Decrease Voice Volume
  • Left Shift + M = Voice Volume 100
  • Left Shift + N = Voice Volume 0
  • 7 = Enable/disable lipsync (only for PS3 sprites)
  • F1 = Toggle NVL/ADV mode
  • F2 = Change voice matching level (min 0, max 3)
    • Max = Full PS3 script fully voiced (might be censored at parts)
    • Min = Original PC script with voices where it fits (fully uncensored)
      • Default level (2) should be the most balanced option
  • F5 = Quick Save
  • F7 = Quick Load
  • F10 = Flag Monitor
    • Advanced tool to monitor your settings and for debug purposes
      • Attention: if you open the flag monitor in the main menu, it won't go away until you start the game and press F10 again!

ADV Mode configuration

The patch installation by default cannot change the game settings. To achieve the best results, open the game settings and configure it like the screenshot below:


  • Text box transparency on far right (max)
  • Auto-hide user interface: ON
  • Character Sprites: Original (optional)

Alternative clean ADV textbox

In case you find our official textbox distracting, we have an alternative kindly provided by @Ascoat. Click here and save the image as windo_filter_adv.png and put it inside the CG folder in StreamingAssets. Overwrite the file and you should see the change next time you open the game.

clean textbox preview