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Starting from July 2018, we started accepting donations to host our own server. In this article, we will describe in detail why we decided to accept donations and how this will improve our work.

Why donations?

Since the group started, with Higurashi (Ch.1 - Onikakushi) back in May 2015, our work has grown about three times in size, and the number of supported games is getting bigger every year, with not only patches but also full translations from console exclusive content. Consequently, we had to optimize our patches as much as we could so they would fit inside Github's limitations. This was extremely difficult because Github is not meant for storing big releases as we needed.

With that in mind, we wanted to keep a friendly relationship with Github and avoid abusing the system, so we decided to start accepting donations to cover our server expenses.

What are the advantages of hosting our own server?

  • For you, the user:

    1. Downloads will be a lot more stable and faster (say goodbye to broken installations because of connection timeouts).
    2. Patches can now go beyond 2gb without being split into multiple files (Umineko had five 2gb parts in Github, in our server it has only one).
    3. A central hub ( - already available!) with all the important information about our patches easily accessible.
    4. Patch structure remake will make the installation take fewer steps if you are installing it manually.
  • For us, developers:

    1. Patches can now be deployed and updated faster (because we don't have to push the big binaries to Github anymore).
    2. We can deploy collaborative tools to work on translating exclusive console content easier.
    3. We can extend our installer even further using the server to run specific tools (such as updating your patches with minimal interaction).

Of course, this is all very new to us so you can expect more and more things to happen in the future. This is only the immediate effects of having our own server.

How much do you need to keep this server running?

Our current yearly goal is $200 (two hundred US dollars). Nothing more than that for a full year of hosting in our basic server setup.

This covers all server and domain expenses, with about $20~$30 to spare yearly so we can cover any emergency situations such as DDoS attacks, extra IPs, transfers or any other small upgrades we might need. This money should normally carry over to the next year if not used. If by any chance we can stay over the goal consistently, we might upgrade the server and the goal can be stretched a bit next year.

Do I get any special perks if I donate?

Other than a sense of pride and accomplishment, no. Our goal is to offer a good experience for all users, without ads, timers or anything that should be considered a hassle. Just click and download, with the best speeds we can offer at the moment.

Donators should also not get any special Discord perks, but this is up for discussion since it doesn't influence how we deliver the patches. Please let us know if you have any suggestions!

How do I know if the money is being used right?

In this section we have a small summary of the total donations received, but in the end, it is all about how much you trust us.

Last updated: September 22, 2022

Donations total: $318.48 (after Paypal donations tax)

What if you get way over your goal?

Supposing we can still stay above our goal consistently by the time the current server is due, there are plans to invest the extra money into migrating our server to a more powerful one.

What happens to open-source?

Nothing! Our code is still freely available and is not going anywhere.

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