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Overall the 07th-Mod project is very informal and devoid of many rules. Most of our issues are solved in a democratic way. Have you ever seen NCoC? Yeah, this. Almost like that.

In case you need further elaboration on how to behave and what should be ok or not, here are a few points that might interest you:

1. Respect each other

All our work is done because we love this project and we want to make it grow. Racism, sexism, xenophobic comments; we don't want it here. We don't even bring up such topics, take it somewhere else. Our team and community are all around the world, from very different cultural backgrounds, and that's without counting all the collaborations we get from pull requests and reported issues. We are all trying to make games even better, so please remember to always respect each other.

2. Disagreements happen, and we solve them

It's impossible to have a community where everyone agrees with each other every time. When such issues happen, we usually solve it by talking. Sometimes we can't fix it in a way where everyone is happy, so we go with the majority vote. In case things get worse, one of the admins will call the shot. If you feel like a change wasn't for the better, you are welcome to make your own private changes and show us how we were wrong. Worst case scenario, instead of merging we can direct people to your fork.

3. About piracy

We don't condone piracy. Even though our wish is for everyone buy the games we are making patches to, we understand this is far from reality. If you have an issue with a pirated copy, don't try avoiding the subject. Make sure you have the latest version of everything before pushing the blame on us.