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Tsubasa Hane

Umineko Tsubasa, Hane and Saku are three sets of bonus short stories written by Ryukishi. This page describes the installation process for our Tsubasa and Hane modifications, which include an improved English translation, PS3 graphics and ADV mode, as well as the initial version of our Saku patch, which includes an English fan-translation and uses PS3 art when possible. Missing sprites and voices will be added after Entergram's release of Saku on Switch, and the official translation will be added when it becomes available on Steam.

The Tsubasa, Hane and Saku patches currently have no voice-acting! This is because our patches pre-date the Entergram release of these stories. We are working on getting the voices in.

Tsubasa and Hane only work on Windows. They were never released for Linux and OS X. This applies to the modded version as well.

To the best of our knowledge, Tsubasa and Hane are currently not officially for sale anywhere. You may find used copies for sale online, but we cannot assist you with exact locations where you might be able to obtain these games.

Automatic installer

You may use our Automatic Installer to install the Tsubasa and Hane patches. However, since the games aren't available on Steam, the installer will not be able to auto-detect their install location. You will need to manually locate either the executable file (うみねこのなく頃に翼.exe for Tsubasa, うみねこのなく頃に羽.exe for Hane and うみねこのなく頃に咲.exe for Saku) or the snow.dll file inside of the game folder for the installer to recognize the install location. After the installation finishes, read how to run the mod down below.

Manual installation

If, for whatever reason, the automatic installation does not work or you do not wish to use our automated installer, you may install the modification manually. To do this, first download the mod archive for your game from the table below.

Tsubasa Hane Saku
Download (~300MB) ~~Download (~100MB)~~
temporarily removed
Download script
Download graphics (~1GB) (optional)
Download opening (~100MB) (optional)

For Tsubasa and Hane, once downloaded, extract the archive into your game directory. PRESERVE THE TOP-LEVEL FOLDER. The [07th-Mod] folder should remain after the archive extraction, do not put files from inside of the folder into the game directory -- put the folder itself there. For Saku, extract the script archive first, putting the 0.utf file and the included bmp folder into the game directory. Afterwards, if you chose to use the graphics option, extract the graphics archive into the game folder as well, overwriting the bmp folder if asked. Finally, extract the opening if you chose to use it. After you extract the archives, read how to run the mod below.

Running the modded version

For Tsubasa and Hane, you will need to locate the folder which you have installed Tsubasa or Hane to. From there, navigate to the [07th-Mod] subfolder, and run the executable program (.exe file) inside. For Tsubasa, the file is called [07th-Mod] Umineko Tsubasa.exe, and for Hane the filename is [07th-Mod] Umineko Hane.exe. Do not run the original executables for the game as they will result in starting the unmodded version. However, do not delete anything from the base game directory either -- the original files are required for the mod to work correctly.

For Saku, you will be able to just use the game's own executable.